I was on inhalers and steroids for years. I was also sick every winter.  After being on Asthma Formula and acupuncture I went back to my pulmonary doctor and he said my lungs are fabulous.      E.L


I was on Flomax, Pyridium  and steroids . I had to go to my urologist 2-3 times a week for years for treatments for bladder. I have interstitial cystitis. At Arnica Clinic I was treated with bladder formula and acupuncture and I no longer have to go for treatments. My urologist said everything looks good.  E.L


I had trouble with constipation, I had to use fleet enemas and suppositories regularly.   I was treated with eating foods to help me to go regularly + Supplements . I go regularly now. E.L


I had no life. I was on the couch for most of the time. I was on & off Prednisone.  I had to get several Cortisone shots in neck, back , hands and feet.  I was so depressed and I wanted to give up.  Now, I have a different mind set and I have 60% less pain.  E.L


I couldn't sleep and I was so exhausted everyday.   After being treated with supplements and acupuncture I sleep now & wake up refreshed.  E.L

Back Pain

I work in construction and I had lifted something heavy and I had to spent 2 weeks on the couch because I couldn't move. After being treated by Dr. Maj in 1 visit I had 50% better and on second visit pain completely went away. Thank you!  J. W




2/24/09      Approximately four years ago, after the birth of my daughter, I would wake up every morning with hip pain that was debilitating. There were periods in which I was so overcome by the pain that I had to traverse the stairs in my house on hands and knees. - Mornings were the worst. As the day went on as I became more mobile, I would be able to tolerate the pain. I lived with this and it became “Normal”.     Two years after the birth of my daughter, my son was born. This was when my condition deteriorated. I felt as though I had aged forty years. I began to believe that I had developed arthritis in my joints. Other joints became involved and now I had knee pain that often rendered me limping with pain. For almost four months after the birth of my son, I was sleeping in a reclined position, unable to sleep in bed due to my inability to assume a supine position. I lived every day with pain and stiffness in both hips and knees. It was by coincidence, that I mentioned my condition to Anna Maj who was then a classmate. She asked me if I would allow her to apply a technique that she had learned to see if she could help. I agree, I had nothing to lose.  I was compliant and took the prescribed minerals. Approximately 1 week after, I was going about my daily routine, running up and down the stairs, preparing myself and my children for our day. Yes, It was then that I realized that not only was I running upstairs, I was pain free. I continued taking my mineral supplements until my supply was complete. It is now two years later and I am completely pain free.   Testimonial by Y. WPain Free

Getting Younger

Getting Younger

  After several decades of going from one professional to another I finally found Arnica Clinic.

 I was treated with respect and I enjoyed being treated as an individual rather than being subjected to a cookie cutter approach to healing. 

As a result of my experience with Arnica Clinic, great changes occurred within my body. My hairdresser noticed many of them. She was amazed that my roots were going from pure white to salt and pepper. My childhood color was coming back!  She said that my white hair was really not white anymore but what she called "sparkly". 

My hairdresser said that "I never saw anything like it." She also noticed the pigmentation of my eyes changed to a deeper color as well my thicker and healthier hair and skin. 

My brother even noticed my skin stated that my skin was now "glowing". The most amazing feedback came to me by the produce man. He man guessed my age at 38. I am almost double that age. 

 My cardiologist had said I was going to spend the rest of my life on blood pressure meds. During my most recent visit he took my blood pressure. He stated "I don't know what you are doing..but whatever you are doing keep it up...you are approaching teenager. Come back in a year and we'll get you off those meds.                                                                                                                                 Anna P.

Less Pain

 Less Pain

I have been seeing Dr. Anna Maj for less than one year. My health issues were debilitating and my weight was out of control. Where previous attempts for medical help were ineffective, and some some downright harmful, my treatments from Dr. Anna Maj were remarkably healing and quickly noticeable. Dr. Maj was able to quickly get to the root causes of my ailments and direct her energies appropriately.

I now am able to move with far less pain and was able to lose weight that seemed immune to all previous diets and medical solutions.

I want to emphasize that I have been on this quest for health since 1998, so for those of you who feel hopeless, I suggest to have faith and not give up.

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