There is an overwhelming need to keep your body in order. We are surrounded daily and consume many impure, toxic products that take a toll on our functioning. Hair toxic metal analysis and chemical analysis of your urine will show us the body's burden. Prices of tests are discounted for patients, no doctor's extra markups, only lab fees. 

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is one of those problematic issues that affects functioning for many months. In my practice I was pretty successful to eliminate the the pain without painkillers and restore full functioning in around 80% of patients using acupuncture, electromagnetic therapy, gentle tissue manipulation and homeopathy. 


Are you suffering due to the menopause? Are you troubled by hot flashes or night sweats? And are you feeling indifferent toward loved ones or isolated due to sudden hormonal changes in menopause? Come and get help, and let you body ease into the change in homeyness

Rare, strange and peculiar diseases

Are you suffering with the disease that wholistic perspective may give you some feedback. Relying on physiology of the body, we will see the progresss of the disease. You may need some alternative test done like heavy metal, chemical or hormonal testing, and we may prescribe homeopathy to match your individual case. It is time to give yourself another chance!

Patient's Benefits

  • Discounted alternative labs, even 50% discount available on some of them. In our office we don't change extra for alternative testing and most often test are shipped to patient's home and sample is shipped later to the lab
  • Emerson Ecologic website with recommended product at discounted rate
  • Direct Access to Supplement Company only for patients

Patient's Benefits

  • Access to the Arnica Clinic store 
  • Teleconference in the evening hours via Zoom
  • Private videos for Arnica Members only with tons of information 
  • Access to Arnica Clinic Newsletter on Naturopathic Medicine with description of  herbs and homeopathy and current issues in holistic practice