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Service I


Fantstic alternative to Vicodin or Oxycodone or those cortisone shots you have gotten for your back pain

21 day Purification Program

Powerful 21 day cleansing protocol to restore your body's energy. Click on the picture and let your journey begin.

Botanical Medicine

Find out more about how we use herbal remedies in our clinic. Click on the picture above. 


We love classical homeopathy and tissue salts. More to love inside. Click on the butterfly to discover hidden world of alternative medicine.


Nothing better than start a day on the better side of the scale.

Light Therapy

Polarized light therapy as adjunct to the acupuncture



I was on inhalers and steroids for years. I was also sick every winter.  After being on Asthma Formula and acupuncture I went back to my pulmonary doctor and he said my lungs are fabulous.      E.L


I was on Flomax, Pyridium  and steroids . I had to go to my urologist 2-3 times a week for years for treatments for bladder. I have interstitial cystitis. At Arnica Clinic I was treated with bladder formula and acupuncture and I no longer have to go for treatments. My urologist said everything looks good.  E.L


I had trouble with constipation, I had to use fleet enemas and suppositories regularly.   I was treated with eating foods to help me to go regularly + Supplements . I go regularly now. E.L


I had no life. I was on the couch for most of the time. I was on & off Prednisone.  I had to get several Cortisone shots in neck, back , hands and feet.  I was so depressed and I wanted to give up.  Now, I have a different mind set and I have 60% less pain.  E.L


I couldn't sleep and I was so exhausted everyday.   After being treated with supplements and acupuncture I sleep now & wake up refreshed.  E.L

Back Pain

I work in construction and I had lifted something heavy and I had to spent 2 weeks on the couch because I couldn't move. After being treated by Dr. Maj in 1 visit I had 50% better and on second visit pain completely went away. Thank you!  J. W