Online Consultations:

Do you believe in natural medicine and want more personalized help?

No matter where you live in the world you a session via Skype or Zoom will allow you to access my expertise.  My approach to working with you online fits more into a health-coaching model rather than a standard therapy.  This approach is practical, flexible and focused on getting you insights to your health right from our first consultation.

My approach in our first consultation together involves:

  • Quickly identifying root causes to your health problems.
  • Developing an understanding of your main health issues and  obstacles  that prevent you to heal (if any). 
  • Helping you to identify key patterns that lead to your health problems.
  • Developing a workable plan to target your problem areas using both naturopathic approaches as well as lifestyle-based strategies.

The fee for an online session is $150 USD payable via PayPal.  Simply fill out the below contact form and my assistant will get in touch with you to arrange for your appointment.  Once an agreed time and date has been set that works for both of us, you will be emailed a PayPal invoice to finalize payment prior to your consultation.  PayPal is a secure method to pay wherever you are in the world.

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