Mini-Blog 1

Adrenals- what ???

Adrenals are organs that lie on top of kidneys and are your energy reservoirs.  No energy is like no money in the bank.  Call us for free test!

Hair Loss- remove the cause

No simple solution. Two of our patients had nutritional diet changes and one thyroid malfunction. Two of them have great hair now, third one in process

Huge Kidney Stone

Dissolved by homeopathy and acupuncture combined. 


Nutritional Yeast to the rescue. 


Two cases had pain on the left- opposite side.  So be aware. 

Normal Bowel Habits

1-3 times per day, preferably after each meal. Two of our giants before we started working with them had bowel movement  every 2.5 weeks. It was normal for them.  How do you like that? :)

Mini- Blog 2

Silver fillings

Forbidden in European Union.... what more to say

Root Canals

Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland - 2 or more root canals - 97% chance of getting cancer. 

Afraid of Oils?

Flax Seed Oil with farmers cheese - for major chronic diseases- Johanna Budwig 

Tired and sleepy after meal?

Stop by for a free Blood Pressure test to determine your energy stores


High in folic acid- great for pregnancy


Counting down form 100 to 0 is very relaxing. Counting up to 100 is stimulating.

Mini- Blog 3

Weak memory

Walnuts and Memory Compound 

Clay - Best Detoxifier?

Which color of the clay? Let me know what you think..., send me an email. 

Allergy and sinusitis

Spanish Black Radish as part of the treatment along with acupuncture

Feeling abandoned?

Look out for kidneys and water retention.  


will curve downward in extreme stress, causing poor inervation to pelvis and organs. Spinal manipulation with our gun (arthrostim)  really helps. 

Zink status low

Did you know that heavy metals in your mouth may deplete zink levels in your body?