Gerson Therapy

What is Gerson Therapy?

 It is nutritional therapy to combat most chronic diseases.

 It was developed by Max Gerson, German medical doctor who suffered from debilitating migraines. He could not help himself with conventional treatment. He decided to explore alternative solutions to find a cure to his illness. Soon he had discovered a new world of natural medicine. He changed his lifestyle habits, changed his diet, detoxified his body as his migraines lessened and eventually disappeared.  Excited by his own success Dr. Gerson shared the news with his patients, who wanted to undergo his special diet. Soon his patients reported remarkable changes in their health. Many chronic and degenerative diseases went away with use or natural fruit and vegetables diet and cleansing of the body.   

Today, his daughter, Charlotte Gerson continues his work. She is a founder of Gerson Institute in San Diego California. She is an inspiration to many doctors around the world who are trained at the Gerson Institute to continue the legacy of her father to bring simple and effective techniques to help suffering patients with most difficult diseases such as cancer.  

Dr. Anna Maj is an active part of the international team of doctors who have been continuously train throughout the world to guide their patients on safe and effective use of the Gerson Therapy.

Can Gerson Therapy help my disease?

Thanks to this therapy, many people suffering from multiple degenerative and chronic diseases such as: arthritis, atherosclerosis, hypothyroid, hypertension, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, colitis, cancer, among others, today have found a solution to their suffering. 

Dr. Anna Maj who is also Naturopathic Physician is integral part of the medical team at the Gerson Institute and serves English and Polish-speaking patients around the world face-to-face or through the video consultations via Internet (Telemedicine)  

What does the success of Gerson therapy depend on?

  It depends on several factors such as: the physical condition of the patient on his/her arrival, also patient’s attitude toward his illness, and his perseverance.  If the person looks forward to the new day, commits to the treatment- his or her psychological condition will improve and it will reflect in the positive outcome of the therapy.  

Dr. Maj have extensively studied many other holistic therapies such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy which will accompany Gerson Therapy to gives us comprehensive and complete healing.  

How Gerson Therapy works?

   Gerson therapy is based on juicing, and organic, vegetarian, low sodium diet.  It involves use of coffee enemas to cleanse the body from toxins.  There is also specific supplementation that helps weaken by disease body to speed up metabolism and further digest the food.   

Common Questions:


Can I use any vegetables in my juices? 

No. Dr. Gerson protocol used selective vegetables for his green juice and carrot and apple for his other juice?  


I have never done enema in my life! Is it difficult?

 No. Enemas have been used in the past for centuries as a mode of cleansing your body. Once you learn it in few minutes you will see how easy it is.  


Can I continue working when on Gerson therapy? 

Yes, in certain cases it is possible.  

Coffee enema

Why do I have to use coffee for my enema? 

Coffee enema is much stronger than other enemas. When coffee enters lower part of the large intestine it will be picked up by portal circulation back to the liver. Then it will stimulate the liver to work which helps to detoxify your body faster.   


 Do I have stop eating meat to be on Gerson Therapy? 

Yes, Gerson therapy is organic, vegetarian type diet. It is important to give your body a rest from digestion of meat. If you have weak digestion undigested meat can stay in your system for many days.   


Do I have to buy an expensive juicer to conduct the  therapy?

Gerson Institute recommends Norwalk juicer as preferred juicer for the therapy.   Press in that machine allows for higher  mineral extraction from vegetables.