Stop by the office between 12.00 and 1 PM on Monday or Wednesdays for one of the following tests:

Exams at no charge:

Zinc level test

Zinc is found in sunflower seeds, oysters, herrings, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeasts

Tissue Calcium Test

Let's determine of your tissues lack calcium by this simple blood pressure check. 

Ragland's Test

Classic test for orthostatic hypotension.  

Blood Pressure

Reason to stop and say HI.  We will remind you to keep a record of the blood pressure. 

Iodine skin test and temp. check

Slow metabolism, thinning hair, dryness of the skin, poor memory - 1st step in cheking your thyroid.  Followed by temperature check. 

HCl and Enzyme Points

There are two points on your ribcage that may be tender when you need digestive support